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My nails are weak & damaged
You need the IBX Nail Repair treatment which can be used as a standalone treatment or with nail polish or gel polish.

Gel polish doesn’t last on my nails
We bet you’ve never tried The Gel Bottle’s rubber base coat! Designed to add strength & flexibility to weak nails that struggle to grow past the fingertip; this bad boy can transform the most fragile of nails!

I’ve chipped a nail
Not a problem. We offer a free 7 day chip repair service.

How do I look after my gel nails?
Avoid intense heat for 24 hours ie. sunbed, sauna, steam room. Wear rubber gloves when washing up or doing housework, apply cuticle oil nightly. Do not use your nails as tools! (ie. opening a can, picking at labels. Do not pick or peel the gel polish from your nails.

Will my gel nails last on holiday?
Prolong their life by washing hands after applying suncream or insect repellent & after exposure to chlorine.


I’m worried you’ll tint my brows too dark
You’ve no need to worry. We’re here to help you look your best! Every brow appointment starts with a consultation; which includes discussion about colour. We take into consideration your existing brow colour, hair colour & skin tone before we choose the perfect shade for your brows.

What if you wax too much from my brow
We won’t. If you’re anxious, let us know. We’ll discuss every step of your brow appointment with you & won’t remove any hair without first consulting you.

Sometimes I get spots after waxing
We will advise you not to touch the freshly waxed area. You have bacteria on your hands & if you touch the skin that has just been waxed you will transfer the bacteria to your open pores which may cause spots to appear.

I have gaps in my brows
Then brow lamination may be what you need. Or, we can show you how to apply brow make-up to hide any brow gaps

My brows are too sparse
Book a tint! Brow tint covers the vellus hairs too (the tiny blonde hairs you don’t even know you have), giving you naturally fuller brows. Also, take a look at brow lamination; it can transform thin eyebrows.

How often should I book a brow appointment?
Every 4 - 6 weeks

Do I need a patch test?
If you are having a brow tint or brow lamination yes. We will not perform a brow tinting treatment without a patch test. No exceptions.

Brow Aftercare
Avoid extreme heat or humidity for 24 hours.
Avoid make-up on the waxed area for 24 hours (unless it’s HD Brows or mineral make-up)
Avoid tweezing in between appointments.
Avoid fake tan for 24 hours.

Brow Lamination Aftercare
After 24 hours; shampoo & condition your brows daily with hair shampoo & conditioner.
Repeat daily for 14 days.
On day 15, apply castor oil (available from the salon) to your brows nightly. This will hydrate your brows & prevent them from becoming dry & brittle.
Book a brow lamination maintenance appointment after 4 weeks.


Can I get my lashes wet?
Yes! Just avoid excessive steam or humidity in the first 24 hours

How do I keep my lashes looking good?
Wash them, yes, wash them! With lash shampoo (available from the salon) every other day. Airdry or dry with the cool setting on your hair dryer.
Brush them daily with your spoolie.
Don’t pick, pull or rub your lashes.
Don’t use cotton wool near your lashes
Avoid eye make-up remover containing oils or glycols

Can I wear mascara with lash extensions?
No! You won’t need to.

Can I wear eyeliner?
Avoid gel or liquid liner as most contain oil. Try an eye pencil or better still, dampen your make up brush & use shadow as a liner

Will lash extensions damage my natural eyelashes?
Not if they are applied correctly by a well trained lash artist.

When my lash extensions fall out they have a real eyelash attached to them?
This is totally normal. Our natural lashes have a life cycle & when they reach the end of their life they fall out, with the extension attached to them

Why do I need to return for infills every 2 weeks?
As your natural lashes reach the end of their life & fall out; new lashes grow in their place. At any 1 appointment you’ll have baby lashes that are too short & weak to lash; in 2 weeks those anagen (baby) lashes will be in the telogen (teenage) stage of life & will be ready for a lash extension.

How old do I have to be to get lash extensions or a lash lift?
We will not perform lash treatments on under 16s. We will lash 16-17 year olds with parental consent & with the parent present.

Do I need a patch test?
Yes. We will not perform any lash service without a patch test. No exceptions.


Why do you use hot wax?
It's kinder to the skin than wax removed with paper strips. Hot wax is applied, then peeled off. No more of the ripping sensation you get with strip wax, making it less painful too.

Do I have to get naked for an intimate wax?
Only from the waist down. But don’t worry; this is our job; we see naked bodies & bits every, single day.

What does a Brazilian / Hollywood wax involve?
We will leave the room for you to undress your bottom half, including your underwear, and freshen up using the Tea Tree Oil hygiene wipes left out for you.
We start removing the hair on top of your pubic bone first, before moving down to your labia, then around the back. Your therapist may help you to position your legs in certain ways so that she can get to all of the hair, and will ask you to stretch certain bits of skin to keep it taut while she waxes.
To remove the hair from around the back, we prefer to keep you on your back. We don’t like our clients on all fours & will avoid this where we can. Instead, we’ll ask you to pull your legs up into a backward roll type position & keep them hugged into your chest. If we can’t get to all the hair that way, if you don’t feel comfortable in this position or if you’re pregnant & can’t lie on your back for too long, then we may turn you onto your side, or over completely, to reach the hair around the back.
As with all waxing, once we’ve finished, we’ll tweeze out any remaining hairs before asking you to check the area to see that you’re completely happy with it.

How often should I get waxed?
Every 4 - 6 weeks

How long does hair need to be for waxing?
You need 3 weeks growth; around half a centimetre or more.

I’m pregnant
Firstly, congratulations! Our therapists are experts in their field. They have attended advanced intimate waxing training & consequently have extensive knowledge in pregnancy waxing & sexual health.

Does the hair grow back the same?
The more waxing treatments you have, the finer & sparser the hair grows back.

Will my hair grow back prickly?
No. When you pull hair out from the root, it grows back with a fine point like hair does naturally. When you shave hair or use hair removal cream you chop the top off the hair so it comes back blunt & feels prickly.

How old do I have to be for waxing?
We can wax 13 - 16 year olds; with parental consent and a parent present during the appointment.

How old do I have to be for intimate waxing?
We will only carry out Brazilian & Hollywood waxing for over 18s

Do you offer intimate waxing for men?
Apologies, we are currently unable to offer male intimate waxing. We do however offer male body & nasal waxing.